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Automotive International Management & Remarketing is a respective player in Automotive. For your management support, business development and remarketing. We optimize your results based on a plan to develop your international business.

Our specialties are retail, wholesale, import, export, purchasing, sales, dealer management, auctioning, car inspections and car valuations.

Automotive Management & Development

We are experienced in many aspects op automotive. With your team we aim to create growth with enthousiasm, passion, ceativity and humor. With our teamwork and focus we will be able to achieve ambitious goals in an effective and efficient way. Our specialties are dealer management, retail, purchase, wholesale and business development.

International Remarketing

For support in your remarketing. As required from your client or fixed in your International standards, we are able to inspect your cars, arrange your driver change or support in the sales of your cars. We help you  find the most profitable way in your remarketing. We watch continiously for new business opportunities.

Import & Export of new, buy-back & used cars

The differences in car taxations in Europe are enormous. Because of taxations and circumstances in local markets cars are purchased and sold in other countries. We can help with the documents after you purchased and sold your cars across the border. We make sure that the aquired documents and payments will be arranged.

Car Trading

International trading will be necessary for every car dealer. To survive as a retailer in automotive you have to optimize your stock and profitability with International trading. Bring your stock rotation to a higher level and rise your volume so you compensate the lower margin because of tranparancy. We are specialized in brokerage of new cars, buy-back cars, leasing cars and rental cars.

Car Valuation

As a Valuar / Appraiser of Modern Motor Vehicles, we are able to give you the right value for your car.

We are ready to support you for your valuation reports, as an agency in purchase and sale, We are at your service for your search assignments, your purchase and/or sale in private mediation and/or at a public auctions .

Automotive International Management & Remarketing

Our vision is based on transpancy and good value for money. Costumers have a free choice as to where buying their cars. Local price differences are possible to a certain level or costumers will buy or repair elsewhere. 

We aim for automotive companies to develop their sales volume and establish enduring long-term relationships with their clients for stability and repeat business. 

To create growth in volume and customer satisfaction our focal points are:

  • Remarketing
  • Dealer group management
  • Used car management
  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Purchasing
  • Car valuation
  • Stock rotation
  • Stock analysis
  • Sales analysis
  • Import
  • Export
  • Business development
  • Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Training
  • Coaching

aim      a purpose or intention; a desired outcome; the direction at a target
to aim     have the intention of achieving; point or direct at a target